This is a 20th century time machine.

コンセプト, 映画,  | 2010年 08月 21日(土曜日)01:36

You ever ridden in a time machine before ?

You have. What do you think this is ?
-A car.

You’re looking at this bass-ackwards.
This is a 20th century time machine.

I’m the captain and you’re the navigator.

Out there, that’s the future.
And back there, well, that’s the past.

If life’s moving too slow, to project yourself into the future you step on the gas right here.

See ?

And if you want to slow her down, you just step on the brake here and you slow her down.

This is the present, Phillip.
Enjoy it while it lasts.

―― “A PERFECT WORLD” (1993)

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